Welding & Fabrication

Since 1986 Smart Mfg Ltd has been specializing in sheetmetal work and fabrication.

Our highly trained TIG and MIG welders specialise in be-spoke tailor made products, designed to fulfil the clients needs.



Heltec Fixed 3-Phase Ac/Dc
Murex/Transtig Fixed 3-Phase Ac/Dc (No. 255)
Murex /Transtig Fixed 3-Phase Ac/Dc (No. 260)
Murex /Transtig Mobile 1-Phase Dc (No. 160I QTT3)
M.I.G Lincoln Electric Ln/442/CV350T
M.I.G Automig 271 - Murex
T.I.G Stick Welder 3-Phase



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